Premier Wedding and Party Rentals has been planning and decorating weddings/events for over 20 years and offer professional event planning, an experienced Day of Coordinator, and detailed decorating services. Please see these services in detail below, as we are eager to meet your every need and can happily customize a package specific to your wedding/event to make your day amazing!


Decorating Services - How this works:

Please see our video showcasing various decorations and looks

1. Make an appointment to come in and visit our showroom (complimentary consultation).

2. Pick out all the decorations and linens that you will need.

3. Collaborate with our planner to create a layout.

4. We will arrive with all your items, setup and decorate the tables, and return to cleanup. It is that



*All decoration items that we will be providing are included in the quoted price (linens are an additional fee). We won't nickel and dime you; we promise!


Wedding Planning Services - How this works:

1. Make an appointment (complimentary consultation to review your needs)

2. Partner with our planner to ensure your dreams become a reality.

3. Coordinate the wedding planning process with our planner to efficiently manage a schedule, secure

    vendors and create an itinerary for the ceremony and reception.

4. Finalize all details and be there as a Day of Coordinator.


Day of Coordinator - How this works:

1. Make an appointment (complimentary consultation to review your needs).

2. Coordinator will create a plan/timeline based on all the details provided.

3. Coordinator will arrive in the morning and continue providing services throughout the entire ceremony

    and reception.

4. Coordinator will facilitate rehearsal on the day before or morning of (dependent on the venue


5. Coordinator will confirm all vendors are prepared and ready.

6. Coordinator will work hand in hand with DJ, caterer and other vendors to ensure your special day

    runs smoothly.

7. Coordinator will stay at the venue until all vendors have cleaned up.


We literally will take care of all of your wants and needs!

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